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Movies, Live Nude Shows and more!

This is a place where history and San Francisco’s sex positive attitude combine. Since 1969, we have been located in San Francisco at the corner of Polk and O’Farrell Streets. What began as a movie palace, where we could showcase our own films, we evolved into the hottest, state-of-the-art, live sex em-porium in the nation. We’ve taken the standard strip show and elevated it above and beyond...

Beginning with our earliest film productions, shot to satisfy the tastes of a public hungry for more than silent porno loops, we took the world by storm in 1971. We introduced the iconic girl next door – Proctor and Gamble’s Ivory Snow Girl, Marilyn Chambers, in the adult classic, Behind the Green Door.

Those two films were followed by the biggest budget adult film on record, Sodom and Gommorah – the Last Seven Days. Then came Autobiography of a Flea, The Grafenberg Spot, Inside Marilyn Chambers and the innovative first safe-sex adult film, Behind the Green Door – the Sequel. With The Sequel, we began a massive campaign to educate both performers and the public about safe-sex practices which continues to this day.

During this period, we continued to fight ongoing legal battles for our free speech rights with the right-wing Moral Majority who would have taken us off the screen. Simultaneously, we were protecting our artistic copyrights from the criminals who would steal our films because of the public’s huge demand to see them.

In the midst of this, and as the video revolution began to change the character of the adult movie industry – in 1976 we decided to turn up the heat and produce some of the most original sex shows the country had ever seen. We created our first live show – Ultra Room Live! Hot on its heels were the creation of the European-style Kopenhagen Live! and our two additional stage venues (New York Live! and the Cine-Stage Live!).Featured engagements by the most top billed adult film stars of the past 20 years and memorable performances by classics of the burlesque stage including Tempest Storm and Blaze Starr.

The introduction of New York Live! was an earthquake that shook San Francisco from top to bottom. As our audience gaped at the incredibly beautiful performers, the shock really registered when they came down off the stage wearing nothing but a smile – and wiggled their way onto the laps of the delighted patrons. And while the show lives on today, better and hotter than ever, we did agree with our then mayor, Dianne Feinstein, that perhaps the girls would be more comfortable if they had on a bra and panties when they entered the audience to the theatre

“...the Carnegie Hall of Public sex in America.” - Hunter S. Thompson

Marilyn Chambers "Behind The Green Door" 1972
  Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre 2013